BREAK!! - A TRPG inspired by fantasy videogames and anime

Created by Grey Wizard

An easy-to-play game of exploration & teamwork set in the wonderfully dangerous Outer World.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Small update on US shipping!
5 days ago – Fri, Jul 19, 2024 at 10:47:08 AM

Hello wonderful backers!

What's up with US fulfillment!?

  • Address confirmation for US backers has been completed. If you haven't got your address confirmation email check your spam for a message from Gamesquest!
  • We are still waiting for the US fulfillment hub to provide shipping dates, but we have been chasing and expect things to start moving next week.

Canada & Australia

  • Australian books are due to arrive beginning of August. The shipping process will happen after they are safely on land.
  • Canadian books are still in the US. Although transport to the Canadian distribution hub has now been organised!

Sorry for the slow progress! We are just as frustrated with speed things are moving as you are. We are trying our best to expedite things!

Also... don't forget to vote for us in the ENNIES (if you like BREAK!!)

Voting ends soon! We really appreciate you taking the time to vote.

And... why not follow our first kickstarter supplement for BREAK!!

A starting adventure, with some extra rules for Adventure Team creation, advice on creating a Saga Hub, a new playable Species, and more!

Follow new Kickstarter project here!

Thank you! More info soon!

We need your Votes. BREAK!! has been nominated for the Ennies!
12 days ago – Fri, Jul 12, 2024 at 09:28:22 AM

Hi Wonderful Backers!

BREAK!! RPG has been nominated for 2 Ennie awards 

This is the tabletop gaming equivalent of the Oscars, sort of!

If you've been enjoying the book and think it deserves an award, we would love you to vote for us. A win would mean more exposure for the game and enable us to dedicate more time to supporting it!

Vote BREAK!! for Best Family Game
Chibs, putrefaction, dismemberment, fun for all the family.
(Select '1' in the menu under 'BREAK!! Tabletop RPG' , then click 'Vote' at the bottom)

Vote BREAK!! for Layout & Design
Cross-referencing, useful margins, icons, diagrams, illustrations, and we used ALL the colors!
(Select '1' in the menu under 'BREAK!! Tabletop RPG' , then click 'Vote' at the bottom)

We really appreciate you taking the time to vote.

Thanks for all your continued support. 

BREAK!! for the win!

Late backers, our first zine, and US/Canada shipping update
29 days ago – Tue, Jun 25, 2024 at 10:04:10 PM

Hello wonderful backers!

I backed after April 14th, what's happening with my order?

We will be closing pre-orders via Backerkit on Friday 28th June. 

We will then add all the late pledges added after the original cut off date in April to the system so Gamesquest can fulfill!

After that, physical product will now not be available for a while and probably be sold at a slightly higher price.

Tell your friends now is a good time to pre-order from backerkit

Will there be more BREAK!! material in the future?

Yes, our first zine for BREAK!! is coming soon...

We want to support BREAK!! for many years to come if there is interest (and probably even if there isn't!) and we've put up our first follow up project on Kickstarter!

It's a starting adventure, with some extra rules for Adventure Team creation, advice on creating a Saga Hub (a central location for longer term play), a new playable Species, and more!

If you like what you've seen in the game's Core Rules please consider following the project here


What's up with the US/Canada fulfillment?

Books have crossed the Atlantic safely and are now waiting to be transferred from the port to the distribution centers in US and Canada so picking and packing can begin. We have been advised it can take 2 weeks for the project to get scheduled (but can be sooner)

We'll keep you posted with more specific dates as soon as we have them, thanks for your continued patience.


Mini shipping update!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jun 21, 2024 at 09:04:21 AM

Hi wonderful backers!

UK/Europe/RoW (not US/Canada/Australia... sorry!)
Books are going out now, and everyone who met the 14th of April deadline in these regions should have their tracking number (if not their book) by early next week.

You can raise tickets if your package is damaged (or are experiencing any other delivery issues) with the Gamesquest Customer Service team, via this link:
Submit a ticket : BACKER SUPPORT (

Kickstarter backers please mark as fulfilled!
We want to put up our next BREAK!!-related project but can't until KS are satisfied we have fulfilled, and we are keen to provide continued support for the game.

Also... please post pictures on twitter, facebook, etc
We love seeing the book out in the wild (and tag us in!)


Mini fulfilment update!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Jun 13, 2024 at 07:17:24 AM

Hey patient backers!

Lil' update...
The goods to the US (which includes the goods to Canada) sailed on the 2nd June and is estimated to reach New York next week. Once this has offloaded and cleared, they can rail it to Cleveland where the Gamesquest distribution center is. No precise timescales yet!
The goods to AU were loaded onto the vessel on the 2nd and sailed last week. The current estimate to reach port in Sydney is the end of July. No precise timescales yet!

UK/Europe/Rest of World
UK & European backers have been scheduled and couriers assigned. Tracking numbers to follow shortly.

Rest of World scheduling soon!